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OzMiz Pty Ltd was established in 2005 to manage its intellectual property and patents.
The company works with researchers and patent lawyers to prepare its IP for patenting and licensing opportunities.  Our office has access to knowledgeable professionals with specialized backgrounds to aid people intending to use its IP. 
OzMiz main patent, "Method and system for displaying data on a mobile terminal" has been granted in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Israel and the USA. It is pending for India and has been accepted for the EU where final paperwork is being put through for the individual countries.
This original invention provides a method and system for acquiring, storing and displaying content on a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal is adapted to acquire content from content providing systems such as a direct download from a PC, server or 'cloud based' Internet service for viewing from its typically very small screen.
The invention can reside on servers, chipsets, mobile devices or as software applicatons on a mobile terminal. It provides dynamic control functions that enables on-screen manipulation of data content so that it is more easily viewed without the continuous use of hand gestures or finger motions as is common today.
Following is a pop-out demo of this IP applied to mobile phones.
The controller at the bottom of the demo screen is used like a CD player control.
  • Start / ​Stop
  • Scroll Up Arrow
  • Up-Down Icon Changes Scroll Speed
  • Scroll Down Arrow
  • AA Icon to Increase or Decrease Font Size
  • Other Icons to Change More Than One Parameter


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